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Machine learning article, about minimizing squared error – geogebra to play with

Geogebra applet with 4 datapoints, fitting line with best square distance (from point to line)

square here, as well as in variance concept – is because distance can well be negative, but we need to be able to sum it neatly somehow, therefore square is rational with MMSE and variance

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Machine Learning, Bayes theorem, simple explanation with GeoGebra visualization

Have met a concept of Bayes theorem, and would pretty much like to visualize it here. As per purpose of this blog, its studying diary, so pretty much – visualizations, and making of those – would give me myself broader understanding.

Not to mention, that keeping notes publicly does make wanders to being neat in thoughtful way, so – lets begin.

Suppose we hear the description of a man: “He is strong and with a loud strong but assuring voice”.

Who is this man, do we want to guess – is he a librarian or a military drill sergeant?

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