03/06/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00168169]]-OK

[[-0.00117635]] for:President Moon says use of violence against people must stop UN Security Council discusses options for response to coup
[[-0.0004904]] for:Lawmakers introduce several bills in reaction to energy crisis Winter storm left more than 4 million without power last month
[[-0.00093729]] for:Ohio lawmaker says SEC should investigate after-hours purchase Oshkosh shares surged after winning postal truck award
[[-0.00453883]] for:The CSI 300 Banks Index has risen 12% so far this year Lingze Capital sold growth shares, bought bank stocks
[[-0.007576]] for:Adam Aron’s compensation more than doubled compared with 2019 Company shares sunk 71% in 2020 due to pandemic closures
[[-0.00546145]] for:Central Bank set to issue three new large denomination notes Govt. says the new-notes will begin to circulate on March 8

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