03/08/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00349561]]-OK #forex #forecast #nlp analysis

SELL: Seems that dollar will continue to rise
[[-0.00349311]] for:Rupee has advanced this year even as its peers struggle Bonds offer more stable returns than rival EM markets
[[-0.0037538]] for:Meitu buys Bitcoin and Ether for $40 million, may buy more Companies are beginning to eye cryptocurrencies as investment
[[-0.00719029]] for:Banks changing the culture of trading desks as they diversify Still, share of women in trading remains stubbornly low
[[-0.0013031]] for:Unions, Heathrow and ground handlers issue joint statement Industry fears 124,000 more job losses as pandemic hits travel
[[-0.01041558]] for:U.K. leader faces demands for bigger health-care pay increase Johnson says NHS pay award as ‘as much as we can’ give
[[0.00823934]] for:Aggregate futures position change saw record weekly net short Benchmark yields spiked to highest since February 2020
[[-0.00336479]] for:Lawmakers to be briefed Monday on post-Jan. 6 recommendations Republican McCarthy already slams Honore’s ‘political bias’
[[-0.00666636]] for:Kingdom says Ras Tanura facility targeted; output unaffected Futures in London advance 2.6% after climbing 4.9% last week
[[-0.00685225]] for:General Electric has been shedding assets to aid turnaround Aviation-leasing deal may be announced as soon as this week
[[-0.00450801]] for:India’s massive vaccine program gets shot in the arm from Modi Malaysia’s 1998 playbook has Sri Lanka shunning IMF for China
[[-0.00263934]] for:Economists caught out by conservative GDP growth goal A target remains crucial for ambitious local officials

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