03/10/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00670495]]-OK(+146.28€) #forex daily #technical #forecast by #nlp analysis

SELL: From models POV dollar continues to rise.
[[-0.00338962]] for:EnergyAustralia to speed closure of Yallourn power station Clean-energy transition is exceeding forecasts, MD says
[[-0.00213909]] for:Batbold sues to get evidence to identify those behind lawsuits Batbold expected to oppose Battulga in Mongolian election
[[-0.00586536]] for:Austin agrees to 2,300 troops after Capitol Police request National Guard has been guarding Capitol since Jan. 6 riot
[[-0.00539936]] for:Five-year swaps have jumped by most since 2013 taper tantrum India swaps signal fastest Asia tightening: Standard Chartered
[[-0.00667695]] for:Liquidity facility from New York-based bank upends discussions Taulia relationship was key to a deal for Lex Greensill’s firm
[[-0.01119206]] for:Private equity firm lent the money in early days of Covid-19 Norwegian is paying off the notes with equity proceeds
[[-0.00667683]] for:Parliament’s spending watchdog says total cost ‘unimaginable’ Program failed to deliver on ‘promise’ to prevent 2nd lockdown
[[-0.00999696]] for:Singapore, Australia sovereign funds say bond buffer is gone Future Fund head Brake sees more ‘fragility’ in markets
[[-0.00599658]] for:Korean e-commerce giant now seeking to raise $4.08 billion SoftBank owns about a third of company dubbed Korea’s Amazon
[[-0.00768297]] for:Brigade, HPS, Symphony among those left out of debt offerings Bank is on the hook for over $500 million of wayward cash
[[-0.00253264]] for:Mining cryptocurrency comes with sky-high energy costs Non-fungible tokens allow artists to create stamp of ownership
[[-0.01291105]] for:Among the first to invest in Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme He wound up forfeiting about $600 million in bogus profits
Current: 1.188
TP: 1.1812
SL: 1.2014

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