03/11/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00830746]]-OK(+178.29€) #forex daily #technical #forecast by #nlp analysis

SELL: I don't think model works correctly at the moment. I mean - all to -0.008? Instead of yesterdays -0.006? Well, may be, but order from two days ago is almost TLed
[[-0.00873409]] for:South Korean e-commerce company sells shares for $35 each Coupang shares set to begin trading Thursday on NYSE
[[-0.00913842]] for:Former employee said issue was raised with Verkada executives Hackers gained access to 150,000 customer camera feeds
[[-0.01036842]] for:No change to interest rates or bond buying expected at meeting Investors seeking clarity on reaction to rising bond yields
[[-0.00679048]] for:Dowden warned Arm, Nvidia deal still under consideration Minister has “grave concerns” over Facebook’s encryption
[[-0.01111543]] for:Airline is looking at 150 to 200 planes in orders, commitments Carrier had also studied diversifying fleet with Airbus’s A220
[[-0.00777253]] for:Fund has exited positions in South African and Mexican debt Selloff risk may be worse than 2013 due to leverage: DiCenso
[[-0.00634768]] for:IRS will use data from taxpayers’ most recent returns on file Government seeking to increase number of electronic payments
[[-0.01107223]] for:U.S. doubles Johnson & Johnson vaccine order to 200 million Enough shots secured for twice the U.S. adult population
[[-0.00429935]] for:He will be a key player on climate, anti-pollution agenda Some Republicans wooed by Regan’s reputation for consensus
[[-0.006181]] for:DC 37 also backs City Council Speaker Johnson for Comptroller Support by the 150,000-member union boosts campaigns
[[-0.0102167]] for:U.S. should act over hidden $200 million account, letter says Bank unit paid $2.6 billion after admitting it hid accounts
[[-0.00765316]] for:Media company is in talks with 890 5th Avenue Partners The move would help BuzzFeed fund furture acquisitions
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