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SELL: Yesterday order was OK. Two orders from last week are still hanging, though formally those are loss for model, those aren't loss for exchange (still hanging)
[[-0.00754657]] for:Comments from top leader follows fintech, antitrust actions Regulators are said to set their sights on Tencent after Ant
[[-0.00332209]] for:Funds were the biggest net seller of U.S. bonds in January Selling came on the back of Democratic sweep in Georgia race
[[-0.00291943]] for:Largest digital asset had touched $61,742 on the weekend Latest selling yet another reminder of Bitcoin’s volatility
[[-0.00694225]] for:Morgan Stanley, Goldman, Credit Suisse backed company Firm has also raised funds from Fidelity, IVP, Declaration
[[-0.00594237]] for:Staff members from same family have been sent to the hospital Hong Kong is battling an outbreak stemming from a gym in city
[[-0.00411415]] for:Pimco says balanced portfolio has performed despite low yields Strategies tracked by Bloomberg mostly positive year-to-date
[[-0.00410845]] for:Blinken, Austin start first overseas visit since taking office Sister of North Korean leader offers warning to Biden team
[[0.00362588]] for:Carrier has discussed potential local offering with advisers Listing could come after China Mobile was delisted in New York
[[-0.00773475]] for:‘You want to throw blame on everyone else’: Liberal panelist Kielburger brothers defiant in testy exchanges with Parliament
[[-0.0096787]] for:Australia needs pay rises sustainably above 3% to increase CPI Wages unlikely to be consistent with CPI target before 2024
[[-0.00348523]] for:FAA administrator says he’s extending tough enforcement policy Agency has been more aggressively enforcing federal laws
[[-0.00164777]] for:Letter to White House underscores a climate dilemma for Biden Green energy agenda conflicts with human rights policies
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