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SELL: It is still SELL
[[-0.0027922]] for:Rule allows chamber’s minority party to block legislation Biden proposed requiring senators to talk through a filibuster
[[-0.00437738]] for:Legislation now heads to Senate, where it is expected to pass Small businesses would have two more months to apply for loans
[[-0.00163152]] for:Huawei and Xiaomi were among those that have yanked the app The allegations come as Beijing ramps up internet scrutiny
[[-0.00653225]] for:Turkish currency has been hit hardest by spike in U.S. yields Fidelity says a 100bps hike to 18% would support local markets
[[-0.00810969]] for:Sheng Songcheng says policy tightening can’t curb bubbles Debate over central bank’s policy has roiled financial markets
[[-0.00111635]] for:New York’s two senators have also said he should step down Seven women have accused three-term governor of misconduct
[[-0.00512869]] for:$4.1 billion in Canadian assets could be stranded: official Move puts Mexico at odds with U.S., Canada on climate change
[[-0.00558598]] for:BEIS committee says companies still can’t guarantee no abuses Boohoo cited for having minimal data about supply-chain tiers
[[-0.00346889]] for:Inventories dropped by 1.05 million barrels last week: API WTI little changed after declining 1.9% over three sessions
[[-0.00949028]] for:Chinese manufacturers had almost no new orders in early 2020 Demand has spiked since then, but manufacturers can’t keep up
[[-0.00116944]] for:Tories criticize Johnson’s attempt to balance risks with China Raab told officials key ‘growth markets’ would fail ECHR test
[[-0.00280353]] for:Foreclosure comes after prosecutors dropped forfeiture action Manafort pardoned by Trump Dec. 23 after tax fraud conviction
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