03/23/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00496094]]-OK(+3.36€) #opiskelu #forex #forecast #eurusd

SELL: Today financical model made my head spin a bit. Still SELL
[[-0.00573377]] for:Bulk of pay-out to shareholders that bought on open market Previously announced Deloitte payment agreement increases
[[-0.00327432]] for:Third serious sexual impropriety claim rocks parliament Morrison fails to address most of female campaigners’ demands
[[-0.00855187]] for:PE firm to aquire majority stake in men’s fashion company Index Ventures will fully exit its minority stake in company
[[-0.00552518]] for:Cabinet approves asset warehouse plan, easier loans for SMEs Government extends travel subsidy program to support tourism
[[-0.00392608]] for:France says lawmakers, researchers were insulted, threatened China’s sanctions on individuals “unacceptable,” France says
[[-0.00802753]] for:Finland’s intelligence service publishes annual update Overall terror threat remains at level two on four-point scale
[[-0.00233902]] for:Stock Index fell as much as 8.9% before trimming losses Turkish markets still reeling after central bank chief fired
[[-0.00434667]] for:Some 75% of area’s recyclable plastics tossed after single use World Bank sees untapped potential in Asia’s circular economy
[[-0.00612542]] for:Plan could involve the release of 500,000 tons of the metal Beijing is seeking to meet carbon goals and prevent inflation
[[-0.00040604]] for:Erdogan shows he is determined to fight economic conventions Yellen and Powell kick off Congressional hearings later today
[[-0.0031345]] for:Joyy’s Bing Jin to join Zuoyebang as its new finance chief Company is in early stages of planning a U.S. listing
[[-0.00814085]] for:Surface Transportation Board has discouraged consolidation Powerful board likely to take more than a year to review deal
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