03/30/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00326143]]-OK(+75.87) #opiskelu #forex #eurusd #forecast by #sentence #vectors

SELL: It is still sell. This weekend got interesting idea for mobile application based on #opiskelu model. Sadly for some reason, #tensorflow coredumps. So far been transferring configuration to pytorch.


[[-0.00336111]] for:Shanghai Metersbonwe, Ribo Fashion jumped 33% over three days Speculative buying on nationalist sentiment irrational: Gang
[[-0.00479557]] for:Move comes after scrapped plans to connect U.S. to Hong Kong Set to increase transpacific capacity by 70%, Facebook says
[[-0.0019661]] for:Recent study quantifies impact of individual investors in U.S. Retail investors added 1% to stock market valuation in 2Q 2020
[[-0.00322725]] for:Top Chinese lawmakers approved plan Tuesday, paper says Move has prompted criticism from foreign governments
[[-0.00417832]] for:Company has stalking horse bid from secured lender Drake Its financial stress predated the Covid-19 restrictions
[[-0.00209107]] for:Inclusion may attract $10 billion of inflows: Credit Agricole Saudi Arabia debt also being considered for addition in index
[[-0.0056998]] for:Too early to say how it might impact profit, executive says Says Japanese firm has had a long relationship with Hwang
[[-0.00189712]] for:The stock is the worst performer on KLCI Index on Tuesday U.S. order results is an ‘unfortunate negative’: analyst
[[-0.00183748]] for:Billionaire says selloff ‘could probably happen to anyone’ Robertson says he’d still be willing to invest with Hwang
[[-0.0023738]] for:SEC and Finra said to hold meetings with prime brokers Washington races to assess any fallout from firm’s implosion
[[-0.00426017]] for:Investors rebuilt net long positions in the currency on Friday Any policy easing is unlikely to be drastic, Ueda Harlow says
[[-0.00344944]] for:Bill Hwang’s vast wealth and wagers were well-kept secrets Wall Street is still trying to figure out how much he’s lost
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