03/31/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00297143]]-fail(-146.13€) #opiskelu #model #predicting #eurusd #rate

SELL: It is still SELL. But not unanimously. News, by the way not weighted, and average is - mediocre guess here. Do know how to make it better, but cannot be achieved by AI means.


[[-0.00241998]] for:Fintech co. Bairong falls during its debut in Hong Kong Listing is second this week in financial hub to disappoint
[[-0.01001184]] for:Jessica Denson sued, alleging sex discrimination, harassment Judge rejects Trump campaign’s bid to get the suit thrown out
[[-0.00483106]] for:Imprisoned for illegal acts to keep Richard Nixon in office ‘I saw Democrats as being dangerous to the country,’ he said
[[-0.00343411]] for:D.E. Shaw, Anatole, Jeneration Capital invest in grocery app Nice Tuan also attracts backing from CDH, GGV, Kunlun Capital
[[0.00065725]] for:Currency is among Asia’s top heap this year, after 2020 losses StanChart sees rupee at 76.50 per dollar by year-end
[[0.00154357]] for:China PMI data top estimates in boost for crude demand outlook WTI rally has stumbled in recent weeks, paring quarterly climb
[[0.00154593]] for:Biden’s high-pressure economy seen encouraging firms to invest Virus crisis forced companies to be more agile, report says
[[-0.00432786]] for:Cuomo says legal marijuana could create more than 30,000 jobs Bill seeks to prevent big cannabis companies from dominating
[[0.00034176]] for:Guest-worker restrictions imposed in June, expire on Wednesday Business groups pressured administration to lift visa ban
[[-0.00248176]] for:Government needs to create more land supply, Leung says Officials partly blamed 2019 protests on housing crisis
[[-0.00679001]] for:Commerzbank AG sees baht dropping to 32 against the dollar Japanese outflows, current-account deficit work against baht
[[-0.00544901]] for:U.S. is seeking Meng Wanzhou’s handover on sanctions charges Defense says U.S. trying to impose its law outside its borders
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