04/02/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00480614]]-fail(-50.08€) #nlp #prediciton of #eurusd #rate on #forex (#opiskelu model)

SELL: It is still SELL. 


[[-0.00295243]] for:Bankers estimate Hwang had a fortune approaching $20 billion SEC looking into the Archegos fiasco, which has stung banks
[[-0.0075005]] for:Chinese securities rose last quarter even as global bonds slid China, Japan debt markets were two least volatile in the world
[[-0.00520153]] for:Fitch cut the nation’s rating to RD, declaring it in default Nation’s debt is among most distressed in developing world
[[-0.00656062]] for:Fort Worth-based carrier is ‘strongly opposed’ to proposal Supporters cite election integrity, critics decry suppression
[[-0.00221087]] for:Cross-party group includes 41 MPs from Johnson’s ruling Tories FA Cup Final to form part of pilot program for large events
[[-0.00541007]] for:Company fielding SPAC interest at at least $7 billion value Earnings turned negative after gyms shut down during pandemic
[[-0.00089827]] for:Health records firm’s value in IPO seen as high as $20 billion Bright Health working with JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays
[[-0.00455389]] for:Friday trading expected to be light as Easter holidays begin Oil jumped on OPEC+ production agreement; Dollar slipped
[[-0.00541662]] for:Samsung, GM among firms invited to the April 12 meeting White House reviewing supply chains for chips, other products
[[-0.0066213]] for:Remarks come as greens concerned about use of atomic power Inclusion could been boon for struggling nuclear developers
[[-0.00471066]] for:Three-month, six-month realized volatility for coin has fallen Signs of Bitcoin volatility normalization are encouraging: JPM
[[-0.00563696]] for:Just fraction of derivatives have shifted to alternative rates Process has ‘very little room for error,’ says Fitch Ratings
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