04/09/2021 – EUR/USD [[-0.00047976]] #forex #eurusd #forecast by natural language processing #nlp #ai

SELL: Model took quite a hit this week with SELLS. Do not predict SELL unanimously anymore.


[[1.3094163e-05]] for:Prices of lumber, nails skyrocket amid shortages of workers Wood’s dominance tested as Costco runs plastic-pallet trial
[[-0.00106754]] for:Biden team reversed Trump’s approach to global minimum Smaller countries may put up biggest opposition to U.S. plan
[[-0.00167616]] for:The first part of a series about how Brexit changed the U.K. Covid has largely overshadowed the fallout from leaving the EU
[[-0.00157816]] for:Shanghai becomes the most expensive city, replacing Hong Kong Prices for business-class flight tickets surged the most
[[-0.00075539]] for:Tsunakawa reappointed as executive officer on Wednesday Singapore-based fund has been stepping up pressure on Toshiba
[[0.000139]] for:Sector expected to continue seeing missed payments on bonds Developers were 27% of China’s record first-quarter defaults
[[0.00044117]] for:Company says debt payments are ‘normal’ and ‘on time’ Earnings delay spurred record selloff in dollar bonds
[[0.00020985]] for:DBS is said to give up floors in Marina Bay Financial Centre Joins Citigroup and Mizuho in trimming space in the city-state
[[-0.00072923]] for:Producer-price inflation accelerates to 4.4%, above estimates Vice Premier Liu He calls for efforts to stabilize prices
[[0.00074944]] for:Demand-supply dynamics remain unfavorable: Standard Chartered Fundamentals don’t justify scope for sizable bond rally: DBS
[[-0.00055051]] for:Planemaker says GDC Technics was about a year behind schedule Trump reached deal in 2018 for two already built jumbo jets
[[-0.00095269]] for:Firm defaulted on at least $50 million debt, people said Company took speculative positions in LNG, the people said
Current: 1.189
TP: 1.1885
SL: 1.1900

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