Ai NLP Forex description

Hello. I am Timo, and I am a data scientist.

I am most enthusiastic about natural language processing, so making classifier from top news to forex exchange was my favorite topic since bachelor thesis.

Actually classifier is available at Google Colab. Looking at it now brings me a smile. Such naive work, but in the right direction.

Anyway, at the moment I am developing better model for processing news, and this time  not classify them, but regress them to pure price change prediction.

Work currently is at stage, where I wouldn’t want yet to release the code, but I’d really like to keep the form of a diary – can be found here.

New prediction is published in the morning @Helsinki timezone, and you are welcome to use it how you see fit, remembering that I have absolutely no responsibility for anything regarding models result.

One, however, is free to look the diary of past forecasts and predictions, to see if it is at all feasible – to look at my models result.