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NLP Classification and Vector Spaces – Certificate

View certificate for Timo Valeri Junolainen, Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces, an online non-credit course authorized by DeepLearning.AI and offered through Coursera
Link to certificate – reborn

I think I’d better come back to good old, instead of spamming facebook page.

Oh yea, it all seems to work now.. kinda enjoy new editor for WordPress. So – here are plans for the future:

  • Lebesque integral and measure, few notes regarding course and exam (english/finnish)
  • Cellular Automata (english)
  • Bitcoin shop with tor in mind (english)
  • Немножко политики/russian politics (russian/english)

There. Lebesque integral notes&measure is coming today.
CA – on this weekend, based on university lecture.
Bitshop – next week.
Russian politics – when feel like it.

Barber paradox vs. Zermello

I would like to share my view on following homework.

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Infinite serie of powers

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Miten sen voisi ratkaista?

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How old is what

Those big numbers are bit hard to grasp, so lets make analogy.

Lets say that earth is one day old. I mean that it started to exist about 7AM in the morning and now is 6PM in the evening.

0700 and 1800 respectively. It makes 11 hours, or 11*60=660 minutes, 11*60*60=39600 seconds.

Perfect. Google implies that 4.543 billion years old. 4.543 billion is 4.543*10^9 years. That is 4 543 000 000 years.

Ok. Now we have relation 39600 seconds=4 543 000 000 years. Let X=39600/4543000000 s/y

Lets see when universe started to exist. Google implies that universe is 13.799*10^9

So – universe*x=120627.01s, thus universe started to exist 120000 seconds ago, this is about 1.4 days ago, or even better 33 hours ago, assuming now is 18:00 – that is about 09:00 on a previous day.

Let us see when dinosaurs became extinct. Google implies 65 million years ago. That is 65000000 years. Or in our analogy – less then 10 minutes ago.

When did life appeared on earth? Google implies 3.5*10^9 years ago.. That is less than 9 hours ago, or on our scale – somewhere in between of 11:00-12:00

How long human existed?  Let us take oldest number – 450 000 years. That is less than 4 seconds ago.vert

Let us draw those things


Pyramidi 10, Lukio integraalilaskenta, 241


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Pyramidi 10, Lukio integraalilaskenta, 240


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Pyramidi 10, Lukio integraalilaskenta, 238


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Implisiittinen derivointi

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Määritä arvoa vastavien pisteiden , ja kautta kulkevien ratkaisukäyrien tangenttien kulmakertoimet.

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Ratkaise yhtälo (Suomi24)


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